Wednesdays @ Mansfield Summer 2014

Wednesdays @ Mansfield

Key Information

  • Key Contact: Tim Swan – 0403 604 190

Grand Final Prizes:

Mens 1: Guacomole –  Medallions + $125 OFF the following Season

Mens 2: Multiple Scoregasms –  Medallions + $100 OFF the following Season

Mens 3: Man Chest Hair United –  Medallions + $100 OFF the following Season

Action 6 Wednesday End of Season Write Up

The 2014 Summer Action 6 season was the largest to date with 24 teams spread across three divisions playing some great social, yet highly entertaining football.

Mens 1

In the Mens 1 competition, it was the unstoppable Guacamole who got over a very determined YoungBoy FC to take their third Mens 1 title. Having made the previous 5 Grand Finals, Guacamole are truly one of the superstar teams of the Action 6 competition but will they be chased down in the Autumn season? The key for Radcliffe’s men will be to maintain the squad that’s been together for the better part of 2 years!

I was highly impressed by a host of new teams stepping up to Mens 1 division this season. Obviously YoungBoy F.C were at the top of this list having made it through to the Grand Final. These guys play a lot of football so it’s no wonder they were able to adapt their style to the Action 6 arena! I really hope to see them back giving the title another crack because they were so close in the GF this season.

Dragons FC were once again classy enough to force their way into the semi-finals and had a tough challenge against the YoungBoy FC squad. Kiet’s men gave them a run for their money though and it was only some late work from their opponent that bundled them out. Yet to win a title in the Wednesday comp, they’ll be pumped for Autumn.

It was the first time the Bayern Munchies squad had played under lights in the Action 6 comp and they were in no way dazzled! Anh and the boys have been around the game for a while now and I wasn’t at all surprised that they were one team that really pushed Guacamole, indeed they almost pushed Guacamole to a thrilling extra time semi-final. If there is one team that I think could take it out next season, these guys are it!

First timers Outer Milan were also extremely impressive showing plenty of determination and a willingness not to take a backward step. Jacky and the guys definitely knew how to rattle an opponent and were making their way toward a semi-final before a couple of late season stumbles. This is definitely an impressive team of the future.

It was awesome to see the Scripters back in the Action and they really stepped it up in Mens 1 this season. After a couple of seasons off, Brady and the lads returned with a relatively unchanged lineup and they had some impressive results. In fact bar their first round game, these guys were within 1 goal of every other game throughout the

Penguins and GG2EZ didn’t have the best of seasons relative to their high standards and will be looking to improve in a couple of weeks when Autumn rolls around. Both teams showed glimpses of what they are capable and will be keen to take notch it up in a couple of weeks!

Mens 2

The Mens 2 competition was a cracker this season with some extremely close results and a host of great new teams.

Battling it out in the Grand Final were two of the most promising new teams to have joined Action 6 I’ve seen for a while. Multiple Scoregasms and Forgiven both had unbeaten seasons heading into the big game which was always going to make for a tight affair. Greg’s Forgiven squad definitely had the weight of numbers on their side with no less than 50 people packing out the sidelines to watch them in both the semi and grand finals-a great spectacle for all! In the GF though, it was Jed’s men from the Multi-Scoregasms who controlled proceedings for the majority of the game and ended up taking out the title by one goal! Fantastic start to their Action 6 careers from both these teams and I think we will see them play each other for a title down the track!

Dragons FC B Team had yet another solid season but narrowly missed out on a shot at the title after a tight semi-final. These guys will look to consolidate the improvements they made last season and should come back stronger than every with a revitalized squad.

S.C.U.M FC got the nod to play in the Mens 2 division this season on account of a fantastic Winter season where they took out the Premiership season. They certainly took the bull by the proverbial horns as well playing some terrific games and forcing their way into semi-finals. It was always going to be a tough ask to get past the minor premiers Forgiven, but Som and the crew definitely didn’t die wondering. Promising things for these guys for Autumn in a few weeks!

Casuals FC managed to finish in their highest ladder position to date having recorded solid wins and a healthy number of goals along the way. Tommy and the boys definitely live up to their name by not taking themselves too seriously but are always out there to play the best they can. I very much hope to see these guys back next season taking it even further!

Straya, Unathletico FC and Massive Duds all probably had sub-par seasons for team that like to aim high. That said though, each had highly competitive games against each other but Straya probably took the most away from the season with a big win in week 11 resulting in taking out the wildcard! I expect the Massive Duds to make resurgence again next season in  a lower grade and it could work out that they’ll find themselves against Unathletico FC in one of the most hotly contested local derbies in Action 6!

Mens 3

This was an extremely tough competition to call as literally any team could have taken out the title on their respective days!

I’ll start with Man Chest Hair United who definitely lived up to their potential this season by taking out the title! Despite missing their skipper Leo, the boys definitely stood tall in a gripping Mens 3 contest that went down to the wire. I had a sneaking suspicion at the start of the season that these guys would surge late in the season, and that’s exactly how it panned out. It’s important to note that they definitely didn’t have it their own way as the Pussy Patrol squad put up one hell of a fight in arguably the more tense game of the night. In fact late in the game Pussy Patrol had about 4 or 5 shots on target that were either excellently saved or hit the wood (PVC) work! Tam could dead set just not buy a goal in that last stanza of play! Still a fantastic effort from the Pussies to make the GF and they’ll be very much favorites for the Autumn season.

Wii Unfit stumbled in their semi-final against Man Chest Hair to be bundled out of the finals but it was awesome to see D.Ha’s men competing the way they did this season. Some personnel changes meant they weren’t quite the same strength team they were in the past and this grade well and truly suited them. They’ll be back bigger and better when the comp kicks off in a couple of weeks!

You Reckon United, with Andy again at the helm, snuck into a semi-final in one of the most congested tables that we’ve ever had in Mens 3! I really rated their chances of taking down their mates in the Pussy Patrol squad but they just couldn’t get over their in-form opponents. These guys have been a part of Action 6 since it started and I look forward to seeing them again throughout 2015 when I know they can win a title!

Park the Bus and Team Dangerous were both extremely unlucky not to make the semi-finals as they both had a higher for and against than 4th spot but were both a point off the pace when it all washed up! Both squads managed to get plenty of goals on the board which was great to see and had some extremely close games along the way. I’d really hope to see Brent and Brendo’s squads back in autumn as they both add heaps to the competition!

If there was a most improved team award, Pho King Special would definitely have won it. Despite their 7th spot on the ladder, these guys genuinely were in the hunt for a maiden semi-final spot! Hung and the boys have lifted their game so much this season and it was great to see them more than competitive in every game. FIFA 15 was released in approximately Sept last year, which is about the time these guys started scoring plenty of Action 6 goals! Coincidence….I think not!

Legion of Boom had a total of three draws during the round games! An unbelievable stat which shows just how close the competition was and also, how far Matty Smith has brought this team along! It’s be a great journey watching these guys morph into the team they are now and I really think that if they can put a similar team on  the paddock this coming season, they’ll be right up there!

Ending Remarks

Thanks to all the teams who participated in the Summer 2014/15 Action 6 season. It was a fantastic season and the Autumn Season, kicking off on January 28th, is looking even better!

Tim Swan – Action 6 General Manager


  1. Teams not playing in the grand finals qualify for the wildcard.
  2. The team with the highest For and Against over weeks 10&11 wins the Wildcard – $100 off next season.
  3. Wildcard game scores in Week 11 are doubled. 

WILDCARD WINNER – Straya –  $100 off next season.

Wildcard Ladder:

Team P A F-A
Straya 2 17 0 17
WiiUnfit 2 11 2 9
Outer Milan 2 10 3 7
Team Dangerous 2 6 1 5
Bayern Munchies 2 7 2 5
Penguins 2 8 3 5
Park The Bus 2 9 4 5
Dragons FC B Team 2 4 1 3
Unathletico F.C 2 5 5 0
Scripters 2 1 4 -3
Pho King Special 2 2 5 -3
Casuals FC 2 2 7 -5
Legion of Boom 2 3 10 -7
S.C.U.M. FC 2 1 8 -7
Dragons FC 2 0 9 -9
GG2EZ 2 5 14 -9
You Reckon United 2 1 12 -11
The Massive Duds 2 3 15 -12