Mansfield Wednesday Autumn 2015

Wednesday @ Mansfield

Venue Location

The Eagles Sports Complex: 4 Weedon St, Mansfield  4122

Directions: To access Weedon Street you must turn onto the Gateway Motorway on ramp from Mt. Gravatt-Capalaba Rd heading North. Weedon Street runs left almost immediately after getting on to the on ramp.

Please ensure you double check directions.

Key Information

  • Key Contact: Tim Swan – 0403 604 190
  • Grading: Grading is now complete and teams have been put into Divisions. Grading games have indicated that the competition should be very even this season with lots of close grading games. Results and form will be monitored closely with potential re-grading occurring only if there is a case for teams to be swapped.
  • GAMES TIMES: Early and late games have been distributed as evenly as possible. Please ensure you double check game times up to and including on game day.
  • Mens 3 Odd Number: There is currently an odd number of teams in the Mens 3 division. As a result there is a ‘bye’ game in place. So that every team still gets a game, a different team each will be required to play the team on the ‘bye’. The team on the ‘bye’ receives 4 points regardless of the result. The team not listed twice is the team on the ‘bye’.
  • Player Registrations: In order to play Action 6, you must be registered. To register, you must follow the process as outlined in the email that went to your Captain. This process is also outlined HERE. Note: you only need to register online once (i.e online registration will carry over from the previous season).
  • EXTRA BALL POLICY: To minimize delays and disruptions, we expect each team to bring a Size 5 ball to each game. Action 6 will always provide balls however if every team brings an extra ball games will flow much better. Please ensure you name your ball clearly.
  • SHIN GUARDS: ALL players must encouraged to wear shin guards. Players not wearing shin guards do so at their own risk.
  • Please note that the Goal Keeper must be in a different colour jersey to the rest of the team. REFEREES WEAR FLURO YELLOW. Please avoid this colour.
  • Finals: All teams play games in the Final weeks (Weeks 10&11). Only players registered by Week 8 are eligible for Finals.


  • Mens 1 Winners:  GUACAMOLE Medallions – $125 OFF Winter 2015 Season
  • Mens 2 Winners: DRAGONS FC Medallions – $100 OFF Winter 2015 Season
  • Mens 3  Winners: WU TANG FC Medallions – $100 OFF Winter 2015 Season


  • Teams not in Grand Finals play off for the Wildcard.
  • The team with the best For and Against over Weeks 10&11 wins the Wildcard – $100 off the following Season.
  • Wildcard scores in Week 11 are doubled.
  • Only Non-Grand Final teams are eligible.



The Action 6 Autumn season was easily for my mind one of the most even competitions that we’ve seen.

Mens 1

There were some really exiciting prospects in the Mens 1 competition this season and it was always going to down to a pretty tight affair as to not only who would make the finals, but as to who would take out the competition.

As it played out, we had a two of Action 6’s best performing squads battling it out in the Final with the Bayern Munchies squad looking to knock off Action 6’s most capped team, Guacamole. The game was definitely worthy of the occasion with the scores being locked until late in the game when ‘Guac’ managed to turn the screws and produce the winning goal.

It was great to see a lot of the most established teams in Action 6 battling it out in this division and they were joined this season by the impressive Petr Cech Yourself squad who showed a heap of potential by knocking off the reigning premiers Guacamole during the round games.

Casuals also produced a solid season but couldn’t quite match the agility and speed of the more experienced teams at this level. A drop down the ranks next season will produce a revival for these guys.

The Scripters again produced a solid season in the top division. As a foundation team, it’s always great to see these guys getting around the Action 6 field and while the boys are sitting the next season out, I can’t wait to see them back in Spring with a rejuvenated squad.

Mens 2

The Mens 2 division this season saw some really improved squads playing some great Action 6.

I particularly liked the effort teams like Forgive and Park the Bus put into upping their game when the crunch moments counted. Also impressive were the likes of Pussy Patrol who didn’t quite have the season that they could have but continued to perservere for the win right up until the last game.

Making it all the way to the Grand Final in the Mens two competition was Straya and Dragons FC who had by far and away been the most dominant teams in the division this season. And it took an absolute bell ringer of a game to separate them when it came to it!  In a game that went all the way in a 7 goal epic, Dragons FC came out on top 4-3 victors in one of the games of the season.

Other notable mentions for the season go to Man Chest Hair Utd who again were extremely solid. These guys will be a team to watch next season.

Mens 3

It was a packed Mens 3 divison this season and there were plenty of social yet competitive games throughout the season.

Team Dangerous put in one of their best ever seasons to finally realise their potential and make it through to a Grand Final. Joining them in the Final was the new squad Wu Tang FC. Wu Tang were a great team to get involved this season with a great amount of enthusiasm that Nav was able to instil in his men. In the big game, it was an epic encounter that needed extra time to separate them but a golden goal to Wu Tang gave them their maiden win.

One of the great ‘local derby’ games that has emerged at the Action 6 Wednesday venue over the last few season is the Massive Duds against Unathletico FC blockbuster. Head to Head it’s got to be pretty close and these games always produce something! Looking forward to more of those next season!

Pho King and S.C.U.M FC put in great efforts this time around and I wouldn’t be surprised if either of these teams were making it into Grand Finals next year providing Hung and Som are able to keep their squads together and maybe find a star striker or two!

Legion of Boom copped some heavy losses over the course of the season but still never wained in their efforts to improve. They weren’t helped by a lack of consistency in the squad but I really hope that a season’s break will see them back at some stage bigger and better than ever and given they’ve got the Cav twins in the mix, I would back them to make a Grand Final.

Tim Swan – General Manager

Wildcard Ladder:


Team P A F-A
Unathletico F.C 2 9 0 9
The Massive Duds 2 9 2 7
S.C.U.M. FC 2 6 3 3
Casuals FC 2 6 5 1
FORGIVEN 2 5 6 -1
Penguins 2 2 3 -1
Scripters 2 3 4 -1
Park The Bus 2 3 4 -1
Pussy Patrol 2 4 5 -1
Petr Cech Yourself 2 5 9 -4
Man Chest Hair Untd 2 4 9 -5
Pho King Special 2 1 9 -8
Legion of Boom 2 2 11 -9