Mansfield Wednesday Winter 2015

Wednesday @ Mansfield

Venue Location

The Eagles Sports Complex: 4 Weedon St, Mansfield  4122

Directions: To access Weedon Street you must turn onto the Gateway Motorway on ramp from Mt. Gravatt-Capalaba Rd heading North. Weedon Street runs left almost immediately after getting on to the on ramp.

Please ensure you double check directions.

Key Information

  • Key Contact: Tim Swan – 0403 604 190
  • Start Date: 29.04.2015
  • Grading: Grading is now completed. Teams have been placed in Grades based on grading game, previous season’s form and the strength of other teams in the competition. 
  • Mens 2 Division: There is currently an odd number of teams in the Mens 2 division. As a result there is a ‘bye’ game in place. So that every team still gets a game, a different team each will be required to play the team on the ‘bye’. The team on the ‘bye’ receives 4 points regardless of the result. The team not listed twice is the team on the ‘bye’.
  • Game Times: Game times have been distributed as evenly as possible.
  • Player Registrations: In order to play Action 6, you must be registered. To register, you must follow the process as outlined in the email that went to your Captain. This process is also outlined HERE. Note: you only need to register online once (i.e online registration will carry over from the previous season).
  • EXTRA BALL POLICY: To minimize delays and disruptions, we expect each team to bring a Size 5 ball to each game. Action 6 will always provide balls however if every team brings an extra ball games will flow much better. Please ensure you name your ball clearly.
  • SHIN GUARDS: ALL players must encouraged to wear shin guards. Players not wearing shin guards do so at their own risk.
  • Please note that the Goal Keeper must be in a different colour jersey to the rest of the team. REFEREES WEAR FLURO YELLOW. Please avoid this colour.
  • Finals: All teams play games in the Final weeks (Weeks 10&11). Only players registered by Week 8 are eligible for Finals.

Grand Final Prizes

  • Mens 1: PENGUINS : Medallions+$125 OFF Spring 2015 Season
  • Mens 2: DRAGONS FC B: Medallions+$100 OFF Spring 2015 Season
  • Mens 3: PHO KING SPECIAL : Medallions+$100 OFF Spring 2015 Season
  • Wildcard Winner: TEAM DANGEROUS : $100 OFF Spring 2015 Season


  • Teams not in Grand Finals play off for the Wildcard.
  • The team with the best For and Against over Weeks 10 and 11 wins the Wildcard – $100 off the Spring 2015 Season.
  • Wildcard scores in Week 11 are doubled.
  • Only Non-Grand Final teams are eligible.

Action 6 Mansfield Wednesday End of Season Write Up

Another successful season is done and dusted at the Mansfield Wednesday competition and what a season it was!

Mens 1

The Mens 1 division was yet again a real tussle of some of the Action 6 heavyweights!

Making it through to yet another Grand Final was the Penguins and Guacamole squads. Despite missing their skipper Tian for the majority of the season, Penguins topped the ladder and were deserving favorites heading into the big match. Guacamole recorded some rare losses this season for a team who has won a hell of a lot more games than they’ve lost so their confidence was probably a bit low going into the big match. You wouldn’t have known it however with the likes of Way and Raz chomping at the bit to get amongst it. The game itself was a classic encounter with the scores locked for the majority of the match. It was only a fortuitous mistake that got made by Guacamole that resulted in Penguins taking the lead late in the game and they were able to hold on for a historic season. These teams are definitely the benchmark of Action 6 on a Wednesday night and that will be the level that any aspirants will need to achieve next season!

A division that hosted the likes of Penguins and Guacamole was always going to be a challenge but the other 4 teams in the division certainly gave it a crack. Kiet’s Dragons FC produced some brilliant Action 6 to be one of the few teams to beat Guacamole and take points off Penguins. Moving forward this is definitely a team that I can see taking out a title.

Bayern Munchies definitely would have fancied their chances in their Semi-Final encounter with Penguins and that’s exactly the way it played out with this ever-exciting team. With the Tran brother the driving force in this team, they’ve got specialists all over the field from Bickle in-goals to Ollie one of the quickest players in Action 6. I’m calling it now, they’ll get a Premiership within the next 6months.

Straya played up a division this season and did an absolutely cracking job of keeping pace with some of the best teams in Action 6. A passionate bunch, they probably just lacked a half a yard of pace against some of the whippier teams but their determination more than makes up for it! Scotty and the lads will bounce back in Spring.

I still feel Petr Cech Yourself are one of the most underrated teams in Action 6. Blessed by some of the best footwork getting around, they haven’t quite clicked in the open air environment just yet but mark my words, their time is coming. If Issac is able to keep this lot together and fit, it’s highly likely they’ll cause some of the big names big problems in Spring!
Mens 2

The Mens 2 division saw a good mix of teams getting their Action 6 fix week in week out and there was some very exciting Action 6 being played!

Out in the lead all season was a new team to the competition, Mongrels. These guys showed plenty of promise from day one and cruised their way into a Grand Final against a fast finishing Dragons FC B Team. The contrasting styles of play was always going to be a feature of the Grand Final and that’s exactly the way it played out. With Hale’s Mongrel’s squad looking to move the ball around their opponents, and the Dragons’ FC B Team known for their bustling footwork through the middle, it was always going to be an evenly balanced game. A partially depleted Mongrel’s squad found the going tough in the GF and the Dragons team managed to make the most of their predicament by putting on a couple of goals in succession to take the game 3-1. In a breakout season for both teams, I really hope we’ll be seeing more of these guys in Spring.

Team Dangerous couldn’t quite make it through to a consecutive Grand Final this season but once again Brendo and the boys certainly more than just made up numbers. These guys have come a hell of a long way this season and are now a serious threat to take out a premiership which I still think that they can do in Spring!

S.C.U.M FC had another good season to make yet another semi-final this Winter. Viet and Som are definitely the go to men in this squad but two players do not make a team and they’ve got plenty of support around them. It’s been great to see these guys come as far as they have and are now a competitive Div 2 team.

Wu Tang FC are now into their second season and put in some really good performance across the season. Despite missing their main man Nav this season, the other boys really  stepped up to the plate this season. Narrowly missing out on the semi-finals, they’ve got a good opportunity to take it a step further in Spring!

Casuals FC played got a far more competitive season this Winter dropping back from the Mens 1 competition. While on paper their season’s results might not look too flash, they were not mere bit players in this tight division and managed to cause plenty of headaches. With a couple of the lads heading abroad next season, I really hope they can get some recruits as they are one of the most passionate blokes in the competition!

Park the Bus had another solid season and while they might have finished the season on the bottom of the ladder, they were really on a win and a half away from cracking the top 4. Brent and the fellas showed plenty of heart this season and will definitely be strong in Spring.

Mens 3

The Grand Final for Mens 3 saw two of Action 6’s most loyal teams going head to head. Let’s face it, a Pho King Specail v Massive Duds grand final is going to bring the crowds out and it was good to see some of the WAGs on hand to witness the spectacle!

The Massive Duds were probably slight favorites going into the Grand Final but had an 11th hour set back when Leasky ruled himself out injured of the decider. It was going to fall to the likes of Blanco, Whal and Campbell to get the guys across the line. Meanwhile the Pho King Special team had a perfect run to the GF including getting what would prove to be pivotal FIFA time in courtesy of an unfortunate washout a few weeks back.

The game itself lived up to all the hype and expectation. With scores locked at full time, the game entered into the dreaded Golden Goal period where one mistake could cost a lifetime (or at least a season) of hopes and dreams! Testament to these teams attacking nature, they both kept pushing forward despite the risks and there were numerous occasions when the result could have gone either way. It was great to see Whal in particular keeping his shots on target in the big match and I didn’t see a single ball end up in the dam behind the carpark!

With score still locked after an epic 10mins of extra time, the first ever penalty shoot-out in Action 6 was needed to break the deadlock. The first 2 shots from both teams found their mark and with the pressure mounting, the goal keepers definitely started to stand tall and the pressure on the kick takers mounted. A miss to both teams kept things locked up before a second miss by Massive Duds left the door wide open to Pho King- an opportunity they didn’t miss to secure an epic Premiership! Well done to both these squads in what was a highly entertaining way to wrap up a very good Mens 3 competition this season!

Wolves FC had been the dominant team all season but failed at the last hurdle to make their way into the GF. What a season it was though for a team what lost their first match by double digits. To bounce back from that was a testament to the squad and Doddsy should be planning big things for these guys in the Spring season!

2 Goals 1 Cup yet again were a force to be reckoned with and made the Massive Duds work hard for their spot in the GF in what was one of the best semi-finals of week 10. Leo and the lads really have an x-factor and just need a bit more consistency week in week out with the squad. If they can achieve that, they’ll take out a medal in Spring.

Unathletico FC had one of their most up and down seasons but managed to go out with a bang by getting a nail biting week 11 Wildcard win over Wolves FC. Special mention goes to Clint, Tzong, Jake and Cameron who hardly missed a game between them over the course of the season. It could well be the end of the road for Unathletico for a while but I think they’ll be back at some stage down the track.

Pussy You Reckon didn’t manage to get too many wins this season but will be back to full strength next season when they pull off a secret merger. These guys absolutely love their Action 6 and I would be surprised if down the track they haven’t bounce back on top!

Final Hurrah!

This is my last season in charge of Action 6 and I now pass the reins off to Roger Hunter who a lot of you would have already met down at the fields. Roger is an absolute football nut and will talk til the cows come home all things football if you give him the chance! The Spring season is shaping to be another great one and as the weather warms up, so with the matches! Please spread the word about Action 6 to your mates. It’s a great game from both a fitness and social aspect and I’m sure that Roger will take it to the next level!

Tim Swan

Wildcard Ladder:

Action 6 wed wilcard snip 1

Action 6 Mansfield Wednesday End of Season Write Up


Another successful season is done and dusted at the Mansfield Wednesday competition and what a season it was!


Mens 1


The Mens 1 division was yet again a real tussle of some of the Action 6 heavyweights!


Making it through to yet another Grand Final was the Penguins and Guacamole squads. Despite missing their skipper Tian for the majority of the season, Penguins topped the ladder and were deserving favorites heading into the big match. Guacamole recorded some rare losses this season for a team who has won a hell of a lot more games than they’ve lost so their confidence was probably a bit low going into the big match. You wouldn’t have known it however with the likes of Way and Raz chomping at the bit to get amongst it. The game itself was a classic encounter with the scores locked for the majority of the match. It was only a fortuitous mistake that got made by Guacamole that resulted in Penguins taking the lead late in the game and they were able to hold on for a historic season. These teams are definitely the benchmark of Action 6 on a Wednesday night and that will be the level that any aspirants will need to achieve next season!


A division that hosted the likes of Penguins and Guacamole was always going to be a challenge but the other 4 teams in the division certainly gave it a crack. Kiet’s Dragons FC produced some brilliant Action 6 to be one of the few teams to beat Guacamole and take points off Penguins. Moving forward this is definitely a team that I can see taking out a title. 


Bayern Munchies definitely would have fancied their chances in their Semi-Final encounter with Penguins and that’s exactly the way it played out with this ever-exciting team. With the Tran brother the driving force in this team, they’ve got specialists all over the field from Bickle in-goals to Ollie one of the quickest players in Action 6. I’m calling it now, they’ll get a Premiership within the next 6months. 


Straya played up a division this season and did an absolutely cracking job of keeping pace with some of the best teams in Action 6. A passionate bunch, they probably just lacked a half a yard of pace against some of the whippier teams but their determination more than makes up for it! Scotty and the lads will bounce back in Spring. 


I still feel Petr Cech Yourself are one of the most underrated teams in Action 6. Blessed by some of the best footwork getting around, they haven’t quite clicked in the open air environment just yet but mark my words, their time is coming. If Issac is able to keep this lot together and fit, it’s highly likely they’ll cause some of the big names big problems in Spring!


Mens 2


The Mens 2 division saw a good mix of teams getting their Action 6 fix week in week out and there was some very exciting Action 6 being played!


Out in the lead all season was a new team to the competition, Mongrels. These guys showed plenty of promise from day one and cruised their way into a Grand Final against a fast finishing Dragons FC B Team. The contrasting styles of play was always going to be a feature of the Grand Final and that’s exactly the way it played out. With Hale’s Mongrel’s squad looking to move the ball around their opponents, and the Dragons’ FC B Team known for their bustling footwork through the middle, it was always going to be an evenly balanced game. A partially depleted Mongrel’s squad found the going tough in the GF and the Dragons team managed to make the most of their predicament by putting on a couple of goals in succession to take the game 3-1. In a breakout season for both teams, I really hope we’ll be seeing more of these guys in Spring. 


Team Dangerous couldn’t quite make it through to a consecutive Grand Final this season but once again Brendo and the boys certainly more than just made up numbers. These guys have come a hell of a long way this season and are now a serious threat to take out a premiership which I still think that they can do in Spring!


S.C.U.M FC had another good season to make yet another semi-final this Winter. Viet and Som are definitely the go to men in this squad but two players do not make a team and they’ve got plenty of support around them. It’s been great to see these guys come as far as they have and are now a competitive Div 2 team. 


Wu Tang FC are now into their second season and put in some really good performance across the season. Despite missing their main man Nav this season, the other boys really  stepped up to the plate this season. Narrowly missing out on the semi-finals, they’ve got a good opportunity to take it a step further in Spring!


Casuals FC played got a far more competitive season this Winter dropping back from the Mens 1 competition. While on paper their season’s results might not look too flash, they were not mere bit players in this tight division and managed to cause plenty of headaches. With a couple of the lads heading abroad next season, I really hope they can get some recruits as they are one of the most passionate blokes in the competition!


Park the Bus had another solid season and while they might have finished the season on the bottom of the ladder, they were really on a win and a half away from cracking the top 4. Brent and the fellas showed plenty of heart this season and will definitely be strong in Spring. 


Mens 3


The Grand Final for Mens 3 saw two of Action 6’s most loyal teams going head to head. Let’s face it, a Pho King Specail v Massive Duds grand final is going to bring the crowds out and it was good to see some of the WAGs on hand to witness the spectacle!


The Massive Duds were probably slight favorites going into the Grand Final but had an 11th hour set back when Leasky ruled himself out injured of the decider. It was going to fall to the likes of Blanco, Whal and Campbell to get the guys across the line. Meanwhile the Pho King Special team had a perfect run to the GF including getting what would prove to be pivotal FIFA time in courtesy of an unfortunate washout a few weeks back. 


The game itself lived up to all the hype and expectation. With scores locked at full time, the game entered into the dreaded Golden Goal period where one mistake could cost a lifetime (or at least a season) of hopes and dreams! Testament to these teams attacking nature, they both kept pushing forward despite the risks and there were numerous occasions when the result could have gone either way. It was great to see Whal in particular keeping his shots on target in the big match and I didn’t see a single ball end up in the dam behind the carpark!


With score still locked after an epic 10mins of extra time, the first ever penalty shoot-out in Action 6 was needed to break the deadlock. The first 2 shots from both teams found their mark and with the pressure mounting, the goal keepers definitely started to stand tall and the pressure on the kick takers mounted. A miss to both teams kept things locked up before a second miss by Massive Duds left the door wide open to Pho King- an opportunity they didn’t miss to secure an epic Premiership! Well done to both these squads in what was a highly entertaining way to wrap up a very good Mens 3 competition this season!


Wolves FC had been the dominant team all season but failed at the last hurdle to make their way into the GF. What a season it was though for a team what lost their first match by double digits. To bounce back from that was a testament to the squad and Doddsy should be planning big things for these guys in the Spring season!


2 Goals 1 Cup yet again were a force to be reckoned with and made the Massive Duds work hard for their spot in the GF in what was one of the best semi-finals of week 10. Leo and the lads really have an x-factor and just need a bit more consistency week in week out with the squad. If they can achieve that, they’ll take out a medal in Spring. 


Unathletico FC had one of their most up and down seasons but managed to go out with a bang by getting a nail biting week 11 Wildcard win over Wolves FC. Special mention goes to Clint, Tzong, Jake and Cameron who hardly missed a game between them over the course of the season. It could well be the end of the road for Unathletico for a while but I think they’ll be back at some stage down the track. 


Pussy You Reckon didn’t manage to get too many wins this season but will be back to full strength next season when they pull off a secret merger. These guys absolutely love their Action 6 and I would be surprised if down the track they haven’t bounce back on top!


Final Hurrah!


This is my last season in charge of Action 6 and I now pass the reins off to Roger Hunter who a lot of you would have already met down at the fields. Roger is an absolute football nut and will talk til the cows come home all things football if you give him the chance! The Spring season is shaping to be another great one and as the weather warms up, so with the matches! Please spread the word about Action 6 to your mates. It’s a great game from both a fitness and social aspect and I’m sure that Roger will take it to the next level!


Tim Swan